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Dear Authors,
There are a lot of people talking about AI right now, and much of it is about fear. Yet most people don't really know much about our field. It is my hope that by creating this inspired collection of podcasts that people who ACTUALLY DO AI will have a louder voice to teach the public about what we actually do and who we are. If you are one of these people, we hope you will have a little time to create an audio podcast and get a glimpse of your intelligence, wisdom and heart... what do you want to say to the world?.. We can't wait to hEAR from you!! If you can't think of what to say, there are a couple examples below.
Wishing you fun! surprise! inspiration! and love!
The Staff at Radio AI

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Welcome to RADIO AI, your public resource for learning about Artificial Intelligence (AI).
On the site you will find short (5-10 minute) audio tracks for all sorts of topics relating to AI.    Most of the people talking here have plenty of elbow grease from working on AI for quite a long time.  You'll hear from people who work on adventurous AI - Robots that explore the sea, the south pole or outerspace.   But also people who work on software agents  that help people in some way (think Siri, Echo, etc.) , or who explore basic questions like, what is AI?   What does it mean to program AI or debug AI? Other talks are from speakers who might not be working on AI but they care a lot about the world and have  something important to say about AI that might be curious or helpful to you.  

AI is much more than machine learning.  It includes philosophies of life, thinking and knowledge. It also includes human science, psychology and computational models about human thought, memory, vision, speech, touch and smell and movement. AI also includes ethics, computer programming, and  Spock (logic).  It can be about engineering - building a real system or it can be about building a model of consciousness.   Right now as you read this, there are many people working on AI.  Some of them are famous.  And some of them you have never heard of.  But they're all doing something interesting!   Let's hear what some of them have to say.      

If you work on AI and would like to share some of your wisdom with the world please get in touch with us at cmason@radioai.net or cindymason@media.mit.edu
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examples of podcasts, feel free to create!

Become Curious, Inspired and Surprised
Curiosity and AI by Mary Lou Maher , Professor and Director of the Center for Education Innovation, University of North Carolina 

Technical Concepts Lectures
Debugging AI by Henry Lieberman, MIT