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Welcome to the RADIO AI podcasts, a public resource for learning about Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Each short and informative podcast  covers one core topic in Artificial Intelligence(AI). 
Because AI is predicted to transform our world, we thought you might want to know a little more about it.  People like moms, brothers or teens, who don't work in this field, but who see the word AI and robot everywhere, want to know about AI... but don't have time.  That's why we built this site.   You'll hear from people who explore the A-B-C's of AI like 'What's a Robot?' and 'How do I interact with it?' and from people who work on adventurous AI - Robots that explore the sea, the south pole or outer space.   But also people who work on software robots or "agents"  that help people in some way (think Siri, Alexa, etc.)  What does it mean to program AI or debug AI?   What you hear in the podcasts on our site is not from a publicist, or a news journalist, but from the people who "do" AI for many years. They teach AI at universities,  develop robots and software agents and some have even won awards.   But mostly the people on this site care about the world.    They care that
you are informed enough about AI to ask good questions of people at banks, medical facilities and other places, where they use AI.

AI is a bit trendy in the press right now.  You hear a lot about machine learning and robots.  AI  is much more than machine learning and robots.  It includes brain science, emotion and thinking about knowledge. It also includes other fields like human science, psychology and cognitive models about human thought, memory, vision, speech, touch and smell and movement. AI also includes ethics, computer programming, and  Spock (logic).  It can be about engineering - building a real system or it can be about building a model of consciousness.   Right now as you read this, there are many people working on AI.  Some of them are famous, some of them you have never heard of but they're all doing something interesting!   Let's hear what some of them have to say.     Skip around or listen to them all. 

In addition to the podcasts below we have included an info page with a few facts and figures about AI.

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Robots - What Are They?
Robots - What are they? lecture by Cindy Mason, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Academic mentee of John McCarthy, father of AI.