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For the authors/speakers

HI!  Welcome!   Thank you so much for joining us at RADIO AI!

Our goal is provide a place where the public can learn about AI and
issues related to AI from experts and thoughtful people.   In a way
we hope to give AI literacy to the public  because much of the world is talking about AI.  But there is a lot
of fear and it seems many people talking about AI are not sure what AI is.
Some of you have insight not only into how to talk about AI to the public, but into
the social, economic, and other related issues that a society with AI should consider.

For experts, we invite you  to speak about the issues you care about the most, that you think the
public should know.  For example, theologican and physicist author Andrew Porter has been
talking about "Being Human".    If you are an AI researcher or engineer, we hope you will share
some insights into the area of AI you work with.     For example, I am making a short
lecture on software agents and another one on an AI application I worked on at NASA
involving robotic telescopes.

We hope you will have fun with this…  but also to give all of you an opportunity to  talk
about what it is you care deeply about and that you feel could help the public in some way
to adapt to a world where AI technology continues to expand.  It is a joyful thing to do work we love,
and most of us are doing things that are very cool, insightful, genius.  Or maybe, you have
been lucky enough to have had the resources and time to have read from many different fields
and can connect the dots in a way no one else sees.     Somehow we want to convey this
knowledge to the public.   

-Audience: Imagine if you will,  the people who are listening.   Think of them as smart, but maybe not so technical, or perhaps, they
are technical, but who don’t work in our field! 
-Relax: One trick I find puts me at ease is to think of something really
happy  before you start talking…  this will come through as you talk.  But also I practiced a few times, and wrote things
down and had them sitting along side me, in case I got distracted or digressed.   Some people can talk spontaneously, and
others will need notes.   Its all good.    I want to say thank you again for this service.

-Background noise - try to talk where there is as much quiet as you can manage…
-Sound effects - feel free to include sounds that relate to what you’re doing
or if there is music that inspires you etc.   
-Clock - Use a watch or your computer to keep track of how long you go... try to go at least 3 minutes or so…  if you want to
talk a lot, let’s make it a part I, Part II, etc. with about 10 minutes each segment

-Equipment - Feel free to use whatever is easiest.   I used a macbook pro laptop.
It seems to have worked pretty good.  The main thing was not to be in a noisy
background like a cafe or near other people talking in the background…   

-Test - might be good if you haven’t done much audio before to test your equipment
with some short sentences..   to see if you need to talk louder, closer, etc.
You’ll want to keep your mouth near the mike in most instances…  or test and see
how far you can move… sometimes, turning your head away from the mike can make
the volume go down…

-Buzzwords - pay attention if you have some new concepts to explain what
the words mean…   e.g. if you say sensors - what kind, or if you say
interface - is it a mouse, a joystick, a screen, a headset, etc.   try to paint
a picture with words if you can….

-Music/Sound effects - since this is audio, feel free if you like to use sounds besides your voice...  background music is fine,
as long as it doesn't drown out your voice, or some other noises...

-Please send along your audio file to    and any or all of the following:

-Synopsis- if you want to have 1-2 sentences to describe the audio lecture, feel free to add that
when you send the file.

-Intro/Close:    I'll add an introduction for you in the beginning, if you have some facts about yourself you'd
like to include by all means, include them in the submission email.   
Any Questions?   Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or ideas.
We hope you have fun with this.

 Have FUN!!!!!

-What’s your name, and what do you do…. how long.  Anything about yourself
  you want to share to paint a picture of who you are…

-What are you working on ?   or   What do you want to talk about today?

-Why do you think this work is important?   How does it relate to
making our lives better?

-What is the project you are working on?   what is it you’re up to!

-Going beyond where no man has gone before!
are you seeing things you couldn’t see if you were a person ?

-Your vision of the future?
   How should we think about the challenges of the future?
   Has anything you have seen or done so far, inspired you to think different
     or something to share with people… you are seeing things from a very
     global and undersea! perspective!     help us understand if possible…

-any other thing you want to mention